Wedding Diamond Colour

Today, lets complete our learning of the 4th C: Colour. Colour is the least complicated of the 4 Cs. Nearly all internationally recognised grading system uses the D-Z GIA colour Grading. A-C was avoided because some smaller dealers uses their own color grading of A-C.

Proposal Ring Diamond color

Proposal Ring Diamond color

Therefore D is the “best” colour. That is completely clear white. Of course, make sure you explain this to your gal if you ever buy a D colored diamond because the typical responses from the girls are ” why didn’t buy me an A ah?”
Typically diamonds have a yellowish tinge, so the more yellow the higher the alphabet grading. Of course there are other less conventional colors like pink but there are of another topic all together.
Important point for you guys: Experts have ascertain through experience and small experiments that most people can only tell the colour difference of G from D unless examined under close scrutiny. This means that buying a D or buying a F does not change the look of the diamond much unless you are planning to use it as an investment (investing in a wife is not counted).
Therefore, it makes sense to buy a F coloured diamond at a much lower price than a D coloured one, especially if your dream girl doesn’t know much about diamond grading in the 1st place. That being said, even G colored ones are a good buy as the drop in price from F to G is quite significant.
Here is another tip about diamond colour, some girls naturally like diamonds with a small tinge of yellow, make sure you check that out before you sell your car to get your D colored stone.
If for any reasons you decided to buy a slightly more yellow diamond (be it for price or preference), set it in a ring with some yellow or rose gold. This will make the yellow tinge integrate with the ring. Please don’t set your D-F coloured diamond in yellow gold, it will OBVIOUSLY look yellow due to the reflection of the gold.
Good luck for your search. I will put up the tips to buying a diamond in Singapore and Online the next article.
Feel free to post any questions or comments you have here, I’ll try my best to Answer them.

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