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I feel compelled to write this post. I have used Yang from substance films for my own wedding videography and I’m so impressed I feel I have to write about him. I first engaged Yang after my wife (then still a bride to be) insisted she wanted something classy (aka expensive lah, where got classy and cheap one). The price was a little steep for my budget, but I thought I better go along or I might be at the receiving end of some nagging for the rest of my life. As my best man rightly said: “If she wants the moon, you better join NASA now”

Thankfully I did. Yang was fun to have around on the wedding day. He  did take a few months before the final video was done. But his works are “steady”. When I sat down and watched to 15 minute full day montage, I felt so touched I almost felt like I was back on my wedding day itself.

It’s pretty funny  when you watch the raw footage that he took. He was trying to fine a good frame to compose every single part the videos. Everything can be a tool to his videos: curtains, grills and even chairs. But the really amazing thing is how he manage to put everything together and capture so many precious smiles, tears and more importantly, the mood .

At the end of the day, I am thankful I got him as my videographer. Not only will I be spared the earfuls, I will also enjoy this video for many years to come.

p.s  my wife wouldn’t allow me to put the montage on my website, so sorry sample. If you want to contact yang, call him at 9299 4143.

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