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Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands

You have proposed with your all wonderful diamond ring and she said yes (congratulation pal, on entering the prison without grills). The next step is find wedding rings or wedding bands (not the drum and guitar kind). What do you…

Wedding Diamond Colour

Today, lets complete our learning of the 4th C: Colour. Colour is the least complicated of the 4 Cs. Nearly all internationally recognised grading system uses the D-Z GIA colour Grading. A-C was avoided because some smaller dealers uses their…

Learn about Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is another very important factor of the 4Cs. This component greatly affects the price of a diamond. A flawless 0.5 carat diamond will cost way more than a SI2 1 carat diamond. That being said, clarity is even…

Wedding Diamond Cut Grading

Of the 4 Cs, the diamond cut is the most important of the 4. It is the most important factor which will determine if the diamond is shiny and sparking, or just a large dull piece of rock. Read the article to find out how diamond cuts are graded and the difference it will make.

Understanding Diamond Carat

The Diamond Carat measures the weight of the diamond. this is an indirect measure of the size of the diamond. But simple as it is, there are some loopholes in the carat issue that must be looked into before you buy a diamond. read the article to find out more.