Diamond rings for girls: The singaporean man perspective

What girls wantWhat do girls want

What do girls want

Some people say that marriage is a bed of roses, looks really beautiful but pricks really hard. That will be another story for another day. Today lets talk about getting diamond rings for girls. By now, you should have read my articles on the basics of 4Cs of choosing a diamond. The question is, so what? Let me illustrate this with an example. I’ve a buddy who is planning to propose to his girlfriend. He went through the four Cs and understood them clearly. So he’s now ready to choose a good diamond. Just at that point, the smart girlfriend of his decided to drop some hints to him ” ehh…I like Tiffany,…ah…Lee Hwa also not bad lah…..but if you really buy other brands then ok loh”. Girls often complain that guys are dense, but when they get this obvious, we know what they are saying is ” Bluebox, Lee Hwa or forget about it”. Whether you have the guts to pretend you didn’t get the hint is entirely up to you.
So I decided to do a poll on what girls what for the proposal diamond ring. This is a poll of a few pretty and sweet (had to say this to get them to agree to my poll). Here’s a summary of what I’ve found
1)Cut of Diamond

Round Brilliant DiamondRound Brilliant Diamond

Round Brilliant Diamond

Don’t think of getting those fancy coloured diamonds, or diamonds of weird shape like princess cut blah blah. I know you ares are attracted to them because those weird shape ones are cheaper. But …the standard diamond ring for girls in Singapore, is the standard round brilliant cut.
2) Size of diamond ring
In Singapore everything big is good. So girls want their diamonds to be tua tua (big big) one so that they can show off to their friends. A standard guide to how big you need to buy?? Very easy…just look at the best friend’s carat size and that’s the minimum. ( Girls like to compare and compete with each other, even with their closest friends). Although it’s better to up it, even just a little. For example, if their best friend’s diamond is 0.7 carat, then you should get at least a 0.71 if not a 0.8 carat.
3) Brand of diamond ring

Diamond rings brandsFamous blue box

Famous blue box

First impression counts, so the box is every important. The infamous, opps famous Tiffany blue box is the dream of most Singaporean girls. Or Lee Hwa, Soo Kee is usually fine. I frankly ask my female friends why they are so superficial. Their reply were ” Hey, we are saving you guys face ok. When other people ask where the ring is from and we say it’s from Taka…you also lao kui (lose face) right?” (See what happens when girls gets too educated??)
4) Type of gold in diamond ring

You thought the only problem was the diamond right? Wrong, they also bother about the material used to make the ring. No yellow gold of course -too obiang (old fashioned). That leaves you with white gold and platinum. Essentially, white gold cheaper, more shiny and can tarnish. Platinum expensive, less shiny but will not tarnish. Guess what’s the consensus amongst the girls? Platinum of course. What’s their reason? ” platinum more shiny”. And when they were gently reminded that white gold is the more shiny one, their replies were ” I don’t know, but more expensive means better loh, anyway the who who (some girl) also say platinum better.
Now, did you suddenly just realise your life is bleak and sad? Fret not my friend, at least you are not married.
p.s guys, surely we are smarter than that right? there are ways to overcome these insatiable wants of the girls. I shall tell you guys more the next time.
p.s.s If you agree/ disagree to the above, or if you feel you need some advice, feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a mail.

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