How to Choose Proposal Ring or Diamond – The 4 C

Diamond ring

When we guys talk about proposal ring, we literally mean the ring. I don’t know if this only applies to Singaporean girls, but when the girls talk about proposal ring, they really mean 99% diamond and 1% ring.
If you can the good fortune to have a few close female friends, you will know what I mean. The usual conversion is “ Wow…so exciting, he proposed?” … “ so how big is the ring ( aka diamond)”. It can also go “ oh… what is the quality of the ring (aka diamond also)”. So you can see, the girls are more interested in the diamond then the ring, and rightfully so.
In order to help you guys not get cheated by the jeweler out they, I’m writing these articles to help you understand a little more about that very precious ( and costly) piece of carbon.
You would have heard of the 4 Cs when people talk about the rock called diamond.
I’ve added another 2Cs to consider when buying a diamond.

diamond proportion
The Usual 4 Cs
Carat – This is the weight of the diamond. Diamonds are too small to be weighed by grams meaningfully. So everything is calculated in Carat.
Clarity – Diamonds are processed rock (abet naturally done over thousands of yeas). So they will contain some impurity. These impurities make the diamond less clear. The clearer the diamond, the more pure it is and therefore the more expensive they are.
Colour– Again, the purest diamonds are colourless but rare. Most diamonds contain a tinge of yellow, and yes…the yellow dirty fellow is cheaper than the pure colourless ones.
Cut– This essentially tries to measure how well a diamond is cut. There are 2 component to this. The first measures the proportions in which the diamond is cut. There is a scientifically measured “Ideal” proportion that is supposed to allow the diamond to be at its most sparking. The other portion of it includes the workmanship which measures the polish and symmetry of the cut.

The Other 2 Cs
Cost – This is the most important to you guys. I will go into more details on how much to spend on a diamond. But generally, the more the merrier, and the easier the proposal will be.
Certificate – Singaporean girls are very smart. They know that they are not gemologist. But they want to make sure they get the real thing. So how to prove it?? Yes Certificate. We even have COE for cars, so diamonds must also have certificate. In fact, if you plan to buy a diamond without a certificate…think again.
I’ve merely touched on the raw surface of the knowledge you need to buy a diamond (opps I mean a ring) for the grand proposal. I shall continue with more in depth article over the next few weeks.
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