Wedding Tuxedo versus Wedding Suit

This is a tricky question. What should you wear for your wedding, a Suit or a Tuxedo (commonly referred to as Tux). The tricky part is, most people don’t know the difference between the two.
Therefore, to decide which one to wear for your wedding, the first step is to clarify what is a suit and what is a tuxedo.
Difference between a suit and a tuxedo




1) Tuxedo jackets have a satin lapel, the suit’s lapel is the same material as the rest of the suit.
2) tuxedo pants have a satin stripe down the outside legs.
3) Tuxedo shirts have pleated front. Instead of buttons, it has studs. It is also worn with cuff links and not buttons.
4) Tuxedo shoes are patent leather while normal leather shoes are worn with suits.

5) Tuxedos also traditionally have only one button, compared to two or three on suits.
6) Tuxedos are worn on formal occasions with bow tie while the long tie is worn with suits.
The current Trend
As we can tell, the distinction between a tuxedo and a suit is becoming less and less distinct. I’m sure you will seen many grooms wearing pleated shirt with suits or long tie with tuxedo. Therefore, there is no real need nowadays to specially wear a tuxedo instead of a suit. In fact, a very well made suit often look more impressive than a tuxedo.
I would suggest that you visit a tuxedo/suit shop, try our the different combination of suits/ shirts/ pants/tie/ shoes and mix and match to get a combination that you feel most comfortable with.
Choosing the right Fit
1) Always try the suit or tux with the actual shirt, shoes that you are wearing.
2) Wear the suit and put your arms by your side. The helm of the suit should not cover more than half of your middle finger, but should cover the back of your hand
3) Your shirt cuff should be just slightly longer, but no more than 2 fingers’ breath
4) The pants should just touch the heel of the shoe at the back, it should cover a portion of the front of your shoes.
The traditional divide between tuxedo and suits are getting less clear, and it’s no longer worth the effort to blindly chase after a “black tie” look of tuxedo and bow tie. Discuss the preference with your bride to be (afterall, she will be the one looking at you -believe me, you are her prince to her, on that day at least). Find a nice looking outfit and look your best.

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