Shu Tou ( Combing of Hair)

This is one touching part of the actual day that i really like.
Shu Tou is a wonderful tradition that is thankfully still carried out in most Singaporean Chinese weddings today.

Shu Tou usually occur after the make up and just before the hair do. The parents of the brie will comb the hair of the bride 3 times., usually using traditional chinese combs which can be bought in Chinatown. With each combing, the parents will give a blessing to the bride.
chinese comb
What do parents say during Shu Tou
1) 一梳梳到尾
May the marriage be eternal
2) 二梳梳到白发齐眉
May you love each other till your hair turn white
May you have lots of children and grandchildren

Marriage for lifeMarriage for life

Marriage for life

Theoretically, this Shu Tou should happen for the groom too. Although I seldom see this happening in the Singaporean family. Still, it is a touching and loving moment for the couple to be married. This often brings tears to the bride and her parents. May you have a blessed Shu Tou too.

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