Wedding shoes for Grooms and Men


When we talk about wedding shoes, most people will be thinking about the bride’s shoes.
While most grooms won’t want to bother about the wedding shoes, it is of great importance that you choose the right shoes both to match your new and handsome suit, but also to ensure it is comfortable enough to survive the whole day of walking and standing.

Here are a few simple tips to choosing wedding shoes for men

The Colour

This is the simple part. Most people should handle this with ease.
Black shoes are the easiest, they fit all types of suits.
But generally, white suits should go with white / brown shoes and grey suits should go with black shoes without too much shine.

The Style

There are essentially six styles of shoes for men. The Balmoral Cap Toe, Balmoral Plain Toe, Plain Loafer, Bulcher Cap Toe, Bulcher Plain Toe and the Brogue.The problem is, most shoe shops in Singapore will not know what you are talking about when you mention these names. So for men,a pair of low-cut leather or patent leather shoes will be good for the occasion. Whether to have shoelaces or not is very much a personal preference. Check with your darling wife for that.

The Quality of the Shoe

While true blue tuxedo lovers will tell you to buy a pair of dress shoes, I find that both less practical and much more expensive.
Dress shoes are made of good quality but thicker, heavier and stiffer leather. This makes the shoes also more uncomfortable.
Look for a pair of shoe with soft leather but of a good modern design. And since it will be nearly new when you wear it for your wedding day, the problem of leather creases will not be much of a problem.

Try the shoes for a good leather lining. This should be smooth and comfortable. The insoles are preferably made of synthetic fibers or leather and should feel soft as you will be on your feet the whole day.

Some people prefer leather soles rather than the usual rubber one. I find that this usually does not affect the looks of the shoe, and rubber is generally known to be more durable.

The fit of the shoes

These are tips for buying shoes in general:

1) The feet are most swollen at night due to gravity. Avoid buying shoes in the morning as they may end up being too small. However, buying at night may make the shoes too big during the day time. The best time is during evening time just before dinner.

2) If you have 2 feet of unequal sizes, buy the larger size. You can then fit insoles into the shoe for the smaller foot.

3) Wear the same type of socks you will be wearing for your wedding day.

4) The front of the shoe should have just enough space for the big toe to overlap onto the 2nd toe.

5) You should be able to tip toe with your shoes.

Other tips

1) Wedding shoes should be bought no more than 6 months in advance as leather absorb moisture and degenerate in the warm condition in Singapore. If you have bought your shoes way before, waterproof it with a leather spray (can buy from most shoe shops) and keep in a cool dry place.

2) Wear your shoes at least twice in the 1 month before the actual wedding day to soften the leather and prevent blisters.

Good luck for nice comfy shoes.

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