Singapore Wedding Photography: Pre-wedding photography

Singapore Wedding Photography: Pre-wedding photography

Couples (usually the ladies) will say that wedding is a once in a lifetime event. This is technically true (or so we hope it’s true). That’s why photography is very important. Most of us would love to rekindle the special moment during our wedding via photographs. In addition, most couples would want to have pre-wedding photography done. This gives in the chance to be dressed up to the nice, with make ups tht entice. Couple this with lots of artificial lighting and some props, pre-wedding photography can make any plain folk look really good.

Therefore, pre-wedding photography is essential, and having good pre-wedding photography is not as simple as it sounds. Let me explain to you my brothers. First, lets look at what is needed before a pre-wedding shoot can take place

1) Wedding Photographer

This is the key person, and his skill can make or break the wedding shoot. Remember, you cannot possible look at all his shots during the shoot. So his skills and experience will be very important. In addition, you will likely be spending 1 full day with him, so if he is boring, you will be bored to death.

A few tips is needed when choosing the photographer. Meet him in person, make sure you are comfortable with him. Some people are very skilled and artistic, but may not give you the right vibes. You won’t get nice photos if you don’t feel comfortable. Conversely, if you sense that he hates you because you have a prettier wife than his, then don’t expect him to take nice photos for you.

Also, view his portfolio. Make sure you view the full album of at least 2 wedding couple rather than the best collection from various couples. If you only see the best, you will not see his usual standard. If he doesn’t have the full portfolio ready, request for it and come back another day.

2) Make up artist

This person is equally important, especially for the bride. Make up can do magic to all the flaws and pimple scars that you have drom having itchy hands during your NS days. They can also trnaform your hair style over just 10 mins. If the make up is too thick, the couple will look unnatural. If it’s too light, the skin tones may not turn out good. Ask for recommendations from friends. There is no sure win formula to this, once again, look for portfolios.

3) Wedding shoot locations

Most couples will have an indoor studio shoot. Almost all will also proceed on to outdoor shoot at a few locations. Preparing for the outdoor shoot is a full article by itself and I’ll need to leave it to another day

Singapore Pre-wedding Photography Packages

If you wish to go a-la-carte, that’s great. You can choose you own photographer and make up artist. Many people choose a wedding package because it seems cheaper and is definitely more convenient. The packages also comes with free use of a few gowns for the photo shoot. There are 2 tips you need to know my friend, because you will be paying for the package.

1) Prices of packages: beware

Singapore is only of the only few weird places that ketok you via a very clever method. Most wedding package seem cheap considering the number of things you get. However, always take not of how many photos the boutique will “return” to you. Most packages only come with about 30 photos returned. Imagine this, you spend 1 full day, dressed like royalties and has hundreds (sometimes thousands) of photos taken. Of course, they all look really nice and great. When you arrive to view your photos, imagine how you will feel if you realise that you are only allowed to own 30 of thos photos. And ALL the other photos will not be given to you in any form(print or digital). Some studios will even blatantly tell you that they will be delected. Then you’ll be presented with the “good news”, that you can get additional photos, but at an additional cost (usually between $60 to $90). Many couples would believe taht 30 photos is more than enough when they sign up for a package, but time and again, nearly everyone will find that 30 is not enough and end up topping up a few hundreds to even thousands more. So keep this in mind when you book a pacakge. If possible, always bargain for “ALL Photos Returned”. Believe me, myself and a few of my friends who did have all photo returned even regretted it. Conversely, a couple friend of mine spend 7 hours in the studio becuase they had to pick only 30 photos.

2) Make up artist and photographer.

Make sure it is stated in your contract who is the exact photographer and make up artist if you are particular about who you want. Some studios will verbally agree to everything, only to give you a backup photographer or makeup artist on the day itself.

Overall, pre-wedding photography can be really tiring and hot (in Singapore that is). It can also be fun and a great date if you do it with the right people. Choose carefully and ask around before you sign on the dotted line. 🙂

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