Contestant 1: Have Faith In Your Love

Selected Entry 1: Have Faith In Your Love by Juliet and Alan.
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Love is like a mountain,
hard to climb,
but once you get to the top
the view is beautiful.
~ Daniel Monroe Tuttle

I met my first love for the very first time at the most unexpected time of the day, I was 1 hour late for meeting on my first day .That moment I started to notice him across the meeting room . His pair of charming eyes and boyish face, simply made me kept on stealing glances at him. He, Alan , just took my breath away.

Soon ,we started dating.There were times we even hanged out with my sister on Saturday for cycling as I am very close to her.

Unfortunately, things took a drastic turn when I discovered that my sister had developed feelings for Alan . She asked me to let her have him.When I refused,my relationship with her became very strain, and our parents were deeply affected. We often quarrel .It got so bad that I couldn’t sleep well and my work performance dropped drastically. As it became too stressful for me to handle, I often blame Alan for breaking my family up.Worse, my parents were greatly disapproved of my relationship with Alan when they found out that he was going to stop work and furthering his studies for 3 years. They claimed he lacked financial stability. At that stage, the only solution seemed to be a breakup. For 6 months, I was torn between love and family. Alan was like my punching bag, letting me vent all my frustration and unhappiness on him. However, throughout these hard and difficult times, Alan was always staying by my side and showering me with endless care and love. Until one day, he!
broke down professing to me how much he loves me .That moment, I realised I would have been the greatest fool if I dumped him. His real sincere love moved me and made me want to love him more.

We kept our dates a secret, it wasn’t easy having a ‘Underground Relationship’ .We strived together and put in a lot of effort to keep this relationship lasting .For each day we are together, it is a blessing. My parents were gradually touched by our perseverance for our love and finally gave the green light two years later when I revealed to them .My sister had a boyfriend then too. I feel so blessed and glad that Alan and me are still blissfully together loving each other for nearly 5 years now.

Thanks for never giving up on this relationship.
I Love You Forever, Alan.

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Voting Period Lasts till 30th August 2011 and will count as 50% of the marks. 

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