Things every groom must do

We’ve always heard of the bride complaining: ” He doesn’t do anything, all the preparation is done by ME!!!”
This is for all the potential grooms out there. If you think you can slack off, these are the list of things that you can’t run away from.

Things that must be done by the Groom:
1) Choose you best man and groomsmen (Unless you want your bride to do that for you)
Typically, most Singapore weddings includes a tekkan session for the groom and his buddies.
So get a few suggestions:
– Get a few strong ones who can do the push ups for you, form pyramids etc.
– Get a few artistic ones to create songs/ poem etc
– Get A linguistic one or one who can “smoke” very well because I don’t know why the girls like to hear “I Love you” in so many languages
– Get a few rubbish eaters who can take whatever wasabi or worse looking/ smelling tasting stuff in their faces
– Lastly get a few fierce and burly looking ones who can threaten to tear down the door if the bridesmaids refuses to budge.

The above is of upmost importance because you don’t want to appear in front of your bride smelly, sweaty with a stinky mouth and worse of all, a burnt pocket
2) Choose the wedding dresscode for your buddies.
You can consult her on the colour theme, but unless you want your party to be in bright pink (not to say burn the money tailoring pink suits)
Better do this yourself with her only for “consultation”.
The simplest is always common colour love sleeve shirt (say blue/white) and a black suit.

3) Set the budget.
Most man don’t realise this, but nearly all the girls in the world DREAM about getting married. Sadly, most of them don’t dream of getting married in a simple ceremony with only the closest friends. Don’t ever fall for the “I love a simple wedding”. Their ideal dream wedding typically involves them being a princess( or at least pretending to be one) marrying a prince (which is supposed to be YOU!!)
So, be prepared that if you don’t set a budget, you will pay like a prince for the wedding and live like a pauper for the next 5 years.

** Don’t tell her you don’t want to spend too much money. Gently remind her that you would rather save the money to buy her a nice house/ diamonds etc and you’ll be much more successful in persuading her not to spent that 10k on the “Perrrfect gown” **
4) Hong Bao (Red packet) for the groomsmen.
Typically a small gesture to thank them for spending their time, if not risking their stomach to help you

5) Speech
You can’t run away from this. And no, your wife to be, no matter how nice she is cannot write the speech for you.
It helps if you can make speeches out of thin air. If you can’t, not to worry. There are some basic formats to follow which I will try to touch on in my other Articles

Things that can be done by the groom (That is do this is you want)
1) Arrange transportation
Typically car is a man’s thing. Your actual wedding car should be easily settled.
But get your groomsmen to drive the rest of the procession (that is your important in laws etc) to and from whenever they need to go

2) Arrange for accommodation
Determine if your parents, in laws and helpers will need a night stay at the hotel.
It’s always nice to give them a room to stay if you can afford, but remind the hotel to keep their room nearly inaccessible to yours. (Imagine you in laws in a Connecting room next door!!)

3) Registry of marriage
Go to the ROM website, it’s not as difficult as it seems

Other things that are can done with the bride (If you really like to get involved)
-Wedding date (Click here for Auspicious Dates in 2010)
-Guest List
-Seating arrangements (Believe me, this is a really horrible part)
-Wedding venue and Menu
-Choose the pastor/ priest/ justice of peace
-Select a wedding theme
-Settle on a wedding theme and style for your reception
-Invitation cards
-Hire a photographer/videographer
-Plan the honeymoon

That’s a brief introduction to all the grooms. I hope this doesn’t scare you off. 🙂

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