Contestant 3 When friends become lovers

Selected Entry 3: When friends become lovers by CHEE KEONG and CHLOE

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I still remember our first conversation on 8th May, 2008. Both of us were roster a flight to Melbourne. When I entered the briefing room, a bubbly stewardess came forward and greeted me. She introduced herself as Chloe and excitedly tells me that we will be on the same flight to Amsterdam on 18 May 2008. As I didn’t sleep much before the flight, I merely replied her.. “Oh is it?” and went to sit down at the other corner to set up the video for briefing…

What a great way to start???

Luckily for me, I didn’t scare her off, in fact we cliqued quite well and became very good friends. Chloe is a good listener and trust me, I feel very comfortable talking to her! We would share our troubles and give each other advices on relationship!!! Never did I expect we would be together eventually as we had our own partner back then. I guess, the longer the friendship lasts, the more those moments become precious and unique in the memory.

Fated? I guess we are. We were busy with our flying schedules and hardly got a chance to talk to each other. Who knows, on the day when Chloe returned from her long sick leave, we met again in control centre when she was reporting for flight. There was never an attraction until that day when I saw her in a whole new light. We catch up a little and I start to ask her out for meals and movies. I enjoyed every date with her and little did I know that I was looking forward to meeting her all the times!

It wasn’t easy to get Chloe to be my girlfriend. She is afraid that changes will ruin our friendship. I’m glad that I managed to convince her that when friends become lovers, that will be the greatest thing that could have ever happened. Because of our similar qualities, I’m sure we can make our relationship an everlasting one!!!

Not long after we started dating, I have already decided that she is the one that I want to love and be with, for the rest of my life. I couldn’t think of a better occasion than proposing on Chloe’s birthday. She mentioned that she would love to have a summer getaway by the beach and after some research; I decided to bring her to Hawaii, e surfing paradise!

The planning for the proposal started way before. I’ve got to make sure that we got our long leave during her birthday period and this had to be done in 2010. Next up, I got to get the perfect ring for my Chloe (especially since she is so picky and fussy!!!). I paid extra attention to her likings and ring size when we went shopping in jewel boutiques.

Venue.. Ring.. Settled! Now comes the proposal and that’s the most difficult one. I want to surprise her when she is least expecting for anything and I want to capture that special moment for keepsake.

I remembered the day before her birthday, I was so worried that she will reject my proposal and the thought of it was so hard to bear. Thanks God! Everything went well.

The day started off perfectly. We took some pictures along the way before we reached the destination (Diamond head). I think it would be a perfect place since diamonds represent faithfulness, purity and relationships filled with love. I secretly hide the little ring box in my pocket before we get off the car. I swore that my heart was pounding very fast! I have never been so nervous before. Chloe was posing away when the camera was clicking, I kneeled and asked the most important question. And she said YES!!!

“Honey, when I told you that I am lucky to have you. I meant it!!! I guess that everything is fated. I am meant to take care of you. Just want to be there for you everytime you need me to. Honey, I will take care of you forever!!!, I LOVE YOU!!!”


Please vote for them by clicking on the heart below the post. Voting Period Lasts till 30th August 2011 and will count as 50% of the marks.

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