An Chuang (Set the wedding bed)

Today’s Topic is on An Chuang (Set the bed)

This is supposed to be done 1 week before the wedding. Some people will however chose an auspicious date for this. Other will do this just the day before for practical reasons.

Reason why you need An Chuang

To be blessed with marital bliss and make the fertility gods happy so that you will be blessed with many baby bonuses.


A lady of good fortune must set the bed ( Good fortune here usually means many many children, not many many money). She sets the bed with new bed sheets and puts four red packets at the four corners of the bed. A tray of offerings (peanuts, lotus seeds, a red dates, sweets and a pair of oranges) are placed on the bed . “Double Happiness” papers or stickers are placed on the mirrors.

Then comes the fun part, get a young boy to roll/ jump on the bed. (Ask him to be careful not to spill the food) (and yes, you have to give him an ang pow for messing up the bed).

Once the bed is set, it must be left untouched by all except the bride and the groom on the wedding days.

Ang Moh Version of An Chuang :)

Ang Moh Version of An Chuang


If die die no choice you (the groom) have to sleep on the bed after An Chuang, you need to sleep with a boy (customs says preferably in the year of the dragon) beside you. It is considered unlucky to sleep with an empty side. For ease, just leave the bed alone.

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