3 Tips for your honeymoon

This article will be kept simple. It will contain a few essential tips for planning of your honeymoon.  Of course, it will almost definitely be an overseas trip, but these little details will make it a more wonderful one.

Tip 1: Book Early.

Never book late. Because your wife to be will definitely absolutely kill you if you can’t get the holiday because you book late, so the only other option is to book early. By early I mean at least 9 months beforehand. Call up the airlines and most will be willing to give you a discount.

Tip 2: Location location location.

Most girls will dream of going Europe, visiting the churches and museums. Some may want to go to disneyland etc. But not only are these place very EXPENSIVE, there are actually not the best place for a honeymoon. Garnering feedback from newly-weds, when a couple is just married, they only have eyes for each other. All they have to do is stare into each others eyes/ whisper sweet nothings and enjoy the company of one another.
So don’t waste the time and money going to places like Europe. You’ll be torn between  visiting as many places as possible and tiring yourselves out or staying in and enjoying the hotel and company of your spouse.

Generally, beach resorts have gathered very good feedback.

Tip 3.  Contraception.

Remember to bring along your contraception because they will tend to be unavailable or very expensive once you are overseas.